Saturday Suggested Activity - SIMRS Fun & Games

Saturday March 20, 2021 : 8:00 am - 8:00 pm
at home activity

Strawberry Isle Marine Research has put together a "Whaley" fun and games that you can do at home at your own pace.  Please email SIMRS for your activity pack.  You can see the poster in our 2021 presenters album (here) and you can email SIMRS at (here).

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ON DEMAND - Storytelling with Roy Henry Vickers

Saturday March 20, 2021 : 8:30 am - 11:00 pm
Video Link

Storytelling with Roy Henry Vickers is an elevating experience that transcends all cultural boundaries and brings a sense of peace and wonder to all who are fortunate enough to enjoy his many tales of life.  

Roy has provided us with a video made specifically for the Whale Festival.  He will walk through selected works, share stories of inspiration and give people a glimpse into the life lessons that he has learned and that his ancestors have passed on to him.

All who are lucky enough to take in this special video leave with a new found sense of appreciation for friends, family, nature, and all the little things that inspire us from day to day.

Stay tuned for a link to take you to this special video presentation.

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Ocean Wonders - Marine Detective Jackie Hildering

Saturday March 20, 2021 : 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

This talk will focus on lessons learned from: - a previously undocumented Humpback Whale feeding strategy - the plight of Sunflower Stars - the human psychology that often leads to disconnect from life in dark seas.

The emphasis will be on how little we know about the life-sustaining force on our planet; and thereby the great need for education, precaution, connection and humility.

Presenter Jackie Hildering, “The Marine Detective” and lives on NE Vancouver Island. She is an educator, cold water diver, underwater photographer and whale researcher. She is also the co-founder and Education and Communications Director for the Marine Education and Research Society (MERS).

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